Top 5 Jazz Packages Suitable for Tourists

Jazz offers are always preferable by most of international as well as local tourists in Pakistan because of its usability and various other benefits Jazz gives in one offer. Mobilink Jazz is always providing value of money to their customers this is the real reason why Jazz is so much popular in Pakistan as a well as among overseas people.

In this post you are going to have an overview of some of the jazz packages that people in the tourist category prefer to subscribe. Most of the people in this category prefer Jazz internet packages because internet is these days is one of the highly in demand commodity or utility.

The reason why tourists need internet wherever they go because in today’s world, everyone wants to enjoy internet services or social media apps wherever he/she travels. Sharing current moments and pictures over social media is a great trend everywhere, so people especially who are visiting Pakistan tourism requires a good internet connection and service for which Jazz is always working day and night. so here are some Jazz offers which you can subscribe. 

Jazz Mega Weekly 

Jazz mega plus as the name suggest is a packed offer with GBs and various other benefits offered by Mobilink Jazz. This offer will give you straight 30GB internet data in which you can easily upload your captured photos on any social media platfrom like facebook, instagram, and snapchat. You will also have the facility to use google chrome app for searching different locations in Pakistan as searching locations is very meaningful for a tourist.

The deal isn’t limited to this, you will also get 600 free SMS in this offer and about 6150 calling minutes in this offer including offnet and onnet. 

Jazz Super Max Weekly Offer

Jazz Supermax is a jazz weekly mega plus with almost the same offer as Jazz Mega Plus, there is almost no difference in benefits offered and the subscription price of the packages. Still, this offer is going to be very beneficial for you if you are planning for long tour within Pakistan.

Jazz Supreme Monthly:

This monthly supreme jazz offer is also centric on internet data which is giving its subscribers 24 GB of the internet with no additional benefits offered. Having this offer will give you the internet connection for next 30 days, but keep in ming there is not any SMS slot or calling minutes included in this offer.

Make sure if you are interested in having an offer then do gives calling hours or minutes in the packages, must check Jazz calling packages for better selection.

Jazz Max Monthly

Jazz Monthly max jazz is a monthly offer, and will be a long going than weekly. The benefit of this offer is after subscribing to this, you will not have to worry about yopur subscription expiry for the next 30 days. With this offer, you can reliably enjoy your trip to anywhere in Pakistani territory.

This offer has to offer you 30GB nonstop internet usage, 1000 SMS slots, and 1050 calling minutes which is way more than a typical weekly Jazz offer. 

 Jazz 4G Super Welcome Back Offer

Jazz welcome offer is another monthly offer which is providing its subscriber with straight 50GB internet data usage. The offer is monthly and has no other benefit to offer. The advantage of this offer is you will have only internet usage as a benefit and no other offer to take tension about.  


These are some best offers you can choose if you are planning to travel some beautiful places in Pakistan. Don’t forget to subscribe any telecom bundle, because at these places internet and calling facilities are mustt have things. Subscribing to the best, suitable and the most reliable Jazz offer is totally dependenton you requirements. Keep track of the benefits each offer is giving to subscriber so you successfully subscribe to you desired and very suitable offer to your needs.

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