Jazzfi Feature in Pakistan

Jazz recently has introduced video and voice over WIFI feature in Pakistan for the very first time. This time again Jazz has took the first mover advantage by introducing this amazing feature which hasn’t yet launched by any other local telecom company in Pakistan.

What is JazzFi

Jazzfi also known as VoWiFi is a voice over calling service using wifi that is going to allow you to make voice  or a video call or message using WiFi from the builtin soft dial pad of your smartphone.

This amazing feature by Jazz is going to allow to receive or make normal SMS or calls using the same phone by staying at home connected to the home’s WiFi network.

To avail this benefit, you just need to have a smartphone with VoWiFi and VoLTE supported technology and regular home wifi connection.


Is this feature available for all smartphone types/Your existing VoLTE enabled handset should have the VoWiFi/WiFi Calling feature accessible in its settings, which can be activated by a toggle switch. Currently, successful WiFi Calling tests have been conducted for Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, and Digit handsets.

Is VoWiFi/Wifi calling feature available for both postpaid and prepaid users/Yes, both prepaid and postpaid Jazz users can avail this feature.

Is this offer paid?
No, this offer is completely free for regular Jazz users, you need to only fulfil the criteria as told above.

How to start using JazzFi offer?
To use VoWiFi, you need a handset capable of VoLTE with the feature enabled in the phone settings. Additionally, you should have a 4G/LTE SIM card and either sufficient balance (airtime load) or an active voice and SMS bundle subscription.

Is this offer area specific?
No, this offer isn’t area specific any Jazz user within the territory of Pakistan can use this offer.

Can a person with no Jazz 4G internet connection use this?
To utilize VoWiFi, you need to be an active Jazz subscriber and have access to any available WiFi connection.

How to know that i am using JazzFi offer?
You will notice a wifi icon beside the regular wifi icon on your smartphone if you are using this offer.

Can I deactivate this offer at any time?
Yes, You have the option to disable WiFi calling in your phone settings or disconnect from WiFi if you prefer.

If the person calling or messaging me haven’t subscribed to this offer, still i be able to utilize this?
Ofcourse you can, use this offer without any problem.

Why even after enabling this service i am seeing only VoWifi icon on my phone?
If you have selected “Wi-Fi preferred” in your Wi-Fi Calling settings, it means that your handset will prioritize your Wi-Fi connection for calls and SMS transactions automatically.

Why my smartphone showing it cant be used?

  • Verify if your handset/device supports VoWiFi/WiFi Calling and if the WiFi calling option is visible. 
  • Confirm if your handset/device’s software is updated to the latest version.
  •  Check if your handset/device is connected to a functioning WiFi network with an internet connection. 
  • Consider switching to a different WiFi connection if possible. 
  • Check if VoWiFi/WiFi Calling is enabled in your device settings. 
  • Verify if WiFi is set as the preferred option over the mobile network for voice calls in your device settings. Try restarting your device as well.

Can JazzFi offer be usable by Jazz users with international roaming?
No, international roaming users will not be able to use this offer.

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