Jazz Voice Infinity Calling Offer

Onnet Calling Minutes J-J
Months Offer Expiry
Offnet Calling Minutes
Offer Price in PKR

Offer Description

Jazz voice infinity offer is giving Jazz users a bundle in which you can enjoy 120 on-net calling minutes from the Jazz-Jazz network and 20 off-net calling minutes for 3 months for just 85 PKR subscription price. 

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Subscription Method

Subscribe to this offer by just dialing *710#

Check offer usage status by dialing *710*2#

Know more about related Jazz offers by dialing *710*3#

Terms of Usage

  • After your subscription, you will be able to utilize the offer for exactly 90 calendar days.
  • After reaching a validity time of 3 months, the offer will be expired and won’t be of any use, you need to further subscribe for this offer in order to use this more.
  • You can subscribe to this offer multiple times in order to use the benefits twice in the offer.
  • After expiration, an overage fee of 2.25 PKR per MB usage will be charged (applied only if you don’t subscribe to any other Jazz offer)
  • Without any further process, you will be subscribed to this offer by dialing the above-mentioned subscription code.
  • You can only avail of this offer by staying within the Pakistani territory.
  • No grace period will be offered upon expiry.
  • Once this is subscribed, you wont be able to revere for refund.


How many total calling minutes will be given in this offer?

A total of 140 calling minutes will be provided from which, 20 will offnet and 120 will on-net.

Do this offer have messaging and internet usage facility?

No, this offer is specifically a calling offer without any other benefit given.

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