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Package Description

Super sim offer by jazz is a one week or 7 days validity offer for only 60 PKR price inclusive of the tax. The offer is a bundle of benefits which includes 30 local offrnet calling minutes, 600 jazz-jazz calling minutes, 600 free of cost SMS within Pakistan, and 6 internet GB usage including all social apps.

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Offer Subscription Method

The jazz super sim offer canbe subscribed gby dialing the specialized code string *476# from the desired jazz sim on which you want activation.

The offer will be unsubscribe automatically after usage and reaching expiry time, because this is a specific time offer whihc can only be availed withing three months of new Jazz sim purchase.

Terms of Usage

  • Note that the offer is only valid for new sim purchasers within three months, and the offer does not require unsubscription or deactivation after usage.
  • The offer is only availba staying within Pakistan territory, if you are in an area with no Jazz coverage, then youmight not be able to subscribe this offer.
  • The offer price does also includes taxes according to Pakistani laws in the mentioned price.
  • The offer after expiry will noit be of any use to you anymore, try best to utilize the offer wisely withing validity.
  • Overage rate of 2.2 PKR per MB will b charged after expiry of this offer.
  • Jazz have legal right to change, cancel or make any variation in price to this offer at any time.
  • Do remember that this offer is only once use offer, after expiry, the offer will not be recursive or you will not be able to subscribe this offer anymore in lifetime with the same jazz sim card.

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