Jazz SMS packages are widely and very excessively used message packages in Pakistan due to their low rates and high quality service provided by Jazz from past decades. Jazz message packages are designed with affordable rates and various other benefits offered in the bundle.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Offer NameGB / MBCalling MinSMSExpiryOffer Price
Super FnF PackageLimitlessLimitless1D9.56 PKR
Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS10MB18001D9.6 PKR
Apna Sheher Offer (Some Cities)100MBLimitless15001D12 PKR
Jazz Sindh Offer250MBLimitless15001D12 PKR
KPK Daily Offer250MBLimitless15001D13 PKR
Karachi Hybrid Daily Offer250MBLimitless15001D13 PKR
Jazz Day Offer20MB3003001D20 PKR
Jazz Super Daily200MB1440501D23 PKR
Jazz Super Plus500MB5055001D35 PKR

Weekly Jazz SMS Offers

Offer NameGB / MBCalling MinSMSExpiryOffer Price
Jazz New Sim Offer1GB100010001W0 PKR
Jazz 4G Sim Offer5GB5005001W0 PKR
Weekly SMS Offer25MB15001W30 PKR
Weekly SMS & WhatsApp Offer25MB15001W30 PKR
Super Sim Offer6GB6306001W60 PKR
Weekly Sargodha Offer2GB200020001W100 PKR
Jazz Weekly Punjab Offer10GB6050001W119 PKR
Jazz Weekly All Rounder (Selected regions)1GB106010001W120 PKR 
Weekly Hybrid Offer1GB105010001W150 PKR
Weekly all Network Offer3GB19010001W210 PKR
Weekly Super Duper Offer10GB560050001W304 PKR
Super Plus Weekly10GB560050001W304 PKR
Super Max Weekly30GB615060001W369 PKR

Jazz weekly sms packages are listed, there are many sms jazz packages for 7 days that share the same subscription price and the benefits offered, from which you can select accordingly that suits best to you. Always choose wisely and do not subscribe in hurry any of the Jazz package which sometime can created problem for you.

Jazz Monthly SMS Offers

Offer NameGB / MBCalling MinSMSExpiryOffer Price
Jazz SMS Monthly Bundle7GB120001M174 PKR
Jazz WhatsApp Bundle Monthly7GB120001M174 PKR
Monthly Social Media7GB120001M174 PKR
Monthly Bachat Package4GB304020001M174 PKR
Monthly Social Media Plus10GB30503001M215 PKR
Jazz Monthly Karachi Offer (KHI only)10GB515050001M454 PKR
Monthly Hybrid Bundle12GB330030001M780 PKR
Monthly Premium Bundle Offer25GB4001M780 PKR
Monthly Super Duper Offer12GB330030001M780 PKR
Jazz Card Super Duper2GB215020001M868 PKR
Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer30GB10500100001M1040 PKR
Monthly Max Offer30GB10500100001M1040 PKR

Monthly Jazz SMS offers are amazing in terms of the benefits they provide to Jazz users with very affordable rates. Every person with different pocket budget can afford these monthly SMS packages by Jaz by just spending some of PKRs.

Important Notice

All listed Jazz SMS Packages are prepaid SMS offers. You cannot avail these offers as postpaid. Each offer will require to subscribe differently with different price charges.

Jazz SMS offers are designed for only Pakistani people, if you are currently outside the Pakistani territory, you may not subscribe and enjoy any of the jazz offers. Also keep in mind every jazz offer will be valid in the within the expiry time, you can only Jazz packages within the validity, after expiry all the benefits will be expired and won’t be usable anymore. Try to utilize all the benefits and credits given in the offer wisely within the validity time period.

Jazz will charge you with the name of overage charges if you keep using internet or any of the Jazz services including call from you smartphone after expiry of the SMS package which you has subscribed. Please make sure you keep checking the current usage status for each subscribe offer you chose from the list.

If any of the packager price comes in the loan charges, you can also subscribe that package, but keep in mind that the package price must be fulfilled within the loan charges in you Jazz mobile account.


Try these amazing Jazz offer to enjoy hundreds and thousands of non-stop messages to local networks. After subscribing any of the SMS offer you will have a great number of SMS which you can use without any hustle. Jazz will not charge any extra amount than the package price. All the SMS offer prices does also include Pakistani taxes, for this you don’t have to care about separately paying for Taxes, Jazz has already incorporated the Tax fees within the activation price.