6 Best Jazz Packages Under 100

Jazz is a widely used and one of the most favorite telecom network by most of the Pakistani people. If we talk about Jazz internet packages and jazz calling package under 100, there are a lot of packages that you can avail in the price of 100 PKR with many benefits offered in the package. 

Jazz Monthly Packages Under 100

There are dozens of monthly jazz internet offers that you can avail, but some most popularly n used by Pakistani people are the following.

  1. Jazz Monthly Karachi Offer:

Before you get to know more about this offer, keep in mind that this offer is only designed for people currently residing in the territory of Karachi, and no any other person outside of this territory will be eligible for subscribing this offer. This monthly Karachi offer is a internet specific offer which is giving its subscribers 5000MB or 5GB high speed internet usage under 100PKR.

Currently Mobilink Jazz is offering only this offer under 100 that is monthly. 

Jazz Weekly Packages Under 100

If you reduce your validity requirement to weekly, then you will find many weekly package under 100. Some famous weekly jazz packages under 100 are as following.

2. Jazz Weekly SMS and WhatsApp:

You can subscribe this offer in which you will get 1500 SMS and 25MB internet data. This offer is for any Jazz user without any geographical limitations. We have made cleared about all territory specifi offer on our site.

3. Jazz Super Sim Offer:

This jazz offer includes total 90 calling minutes, 600 free SMS, and 6GB internet. This weekly super sim offer is under 100. This offer have some limitations which you can check by visiting the offer page like this offer is only valid fior users who have purchased new sim.

Jazz One Day Packages under 100

Almost all jazz one day offers are under 100, but some famous from them are as follow.

4. Daily Extreme Offer:

Daily extreme offer by Jazz include 2000MB or 2GB internet usage for one day. Remember that there is no any other benefit offered in this package, for the subscription procedures of this offer you can visit the offer page.

5. Jazz Internet Surfing Offer

This offer is a internet or browser surfing offer in which you will get 50MBs for internet surfing in which you can browse as many websites on the web without any interruption.

6. Youtube and Social Offer:

By subscribing to this offer, you can enjoy notstop social media and youtube usage. This offer includes 1500MBs for social apps usage. This offer is one of the most famous social app offer for people who are interested to watch youtube videos with high speed streaming. To check more about this offer and its usbcription process, you can visit the offer page. There are some limitations in using social apps after subscribing to this offer, make sure you check them before subscribing.


These are some best and the most popular jazz offers under 100 PKR which you can select according to your personal requirements. Don’t forget to clearly read all the benefits offered in the package and limitations that are settled by Jazz as owner of these offers, terms and conditions are being applied to each of the Jazz offer.

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