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Mobilink Jazz as a telecom company offers flexible and many types of packages for its users. If you are local Pakistani who’s relatives or loved ones are living as a overseas Pakistani in any abroad country, Jazz has planned many daily weekly and monthly offers for you.

Jazz, over the period of time by understanding their customer base has designed many offers in which you may find daily, weekly, or monthly Jazz internet packages according to your requirements. There may also be Jazz calling packages available, but it all depends on your specific needs and requirements, it is highly dependent on which country you want to call your loved ones.

Jazz UAE Offer:

This packages is specifically designed for local Pakistanis residing in Pakistan and want to connect to their loved ones or relatives who are living in United Arab Emirates. This Packages is best for such people because it offers flexible calling rates.

Jazz KSA Offer 

This offer is same as the UAE offer and offers same calling rates. It offers the same rate for calling to Saudi Arabia. You can choose any option from these and call to any any from KSA and UAE.

Jazz UK Offer

This offer is particularly designed for Pakistani people who want to call to their relatives in United Kingdom or England. This offer is a little bit expensive than UAE and KSA offer, but it also gives flexible rates to its users as 2-3 PKR per 15 seconds call.

Note: Remember that there is no any additional benefit is offered in these packages, these are calling specific offers designed by Mobilink Jazz for it users.

At this time only these three calling offers are available by Jazz that allow you to call abroad. These offers were very popular some years back when there wasn’t internet supply in the country. After the internet got very popular and affordable in Pakistan, Jazz has designed many internet offers for Pakistani users. The benefits that are available in calling offers can be enjoyed through subscribing to only internet packages that allow many social media apps usage using which you can easily connect to people residing in overseas countries.


Always keep in mind that each and every offer by Jazz has a different subscription procedure. Must check the offer page before actually subscribing to the package, you will find all the details related to that particular offer on that package and all other related information. Clearly read all the details about offer because some offers by Jazz are automatically get unsubscribed while some needs manual action for subscription. As each offer has different subscription code, each offer has different subscription or deactivation code.

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