Jazz Weekly SMS and WhatsApp

internet MBs
Offer Expiry
All Network SMS
Offer Price PKR

Package Description

You can avail 25MBs for internet surfings including social apps and 1500 all netwrok SMS in the local territory for only spending 30 PKR including tax.

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Offer subscription method

The offer subscription requires you to dial *101*1*07# code from your Jazz sim.

The offer deactivation requires you to dial code *101*4*07#.

You can dial *101*2*07# to check the Jazz sms and WhatsApp package current usage status.

Terms of services

  • Please remember that once you subscribe to this or any other Jazz offer, you will not be able to roll back for refund from Jazz, there is no yet any service offered by Jazz.
  • The offer can be canceled or prone to any type of change in price or any other benefit offered by Jazz as the owner or parent of this offer.
  • Offer rate also includes tax according to Pakistani laws.
  • If you keep using internet after this packages expiry, you will be charged for per MB usage 1.2 PKR.
  • Note that the internet speed after this package subscription will depend on your phone’s 2G/3G/4G technology builtin.
  • In case you haven’t activated any of the jazz offers in history, you will be charged a base rate fee which may be 5 PKR.
  • If you are staying in Pakistan, in this case only this offer will be valid for you, otherwise not.
  • Please be sure that offer benefits will only be valid within the mentioned validity time which is 1 week or 7 days.

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