Jazz internet packages range from small daily prepaid bundles to large sized upto 6 months prepaid offers. Jazz offers about hundreds of net packages, these packages can be for all Pakistani states and also can be for some selected states. All jazz internet offers are very easy to subscribe by just dialing some specialized characters on your smartphone.

Jazz Telecom Network which is also known as Mobilink is one of the leading mobile network brands in Pakistan put its feet in the market in 1994. It is also famous to be the very first GSM mobile operator in Pakistani market serving almost every type of mobile internet users in terms of price and internet package type.

To subscribe any of the jazz offers, the required balance should be pre-loaded in your mobile account. If you subscribe to any of the jazz packages, it can also be unsubscribed in just matter of dialing special character assigned to each jazz offer. On this page will get to know about all daily internet packages jazz, jazz weekly net packages, and monthly jazz internet offers.

jazz dunya ko bata do
dunya ko bata do

Jazz Daily Internet Offers

Jazz daily internet packages are set to expire between 24 hours time period, some daily jazz offer are built for expiry in 12 hours but those are very few. There are many daily jazz free internet offers which you can avail free of cost without paying a zero PKR for example jazz is offering free basic Facebook, free WhatsApp usage free of cost for 1 day only.

Jazz daily bundles consist of many benefits including free SMS and local calling hours or minutes. Jazz daily offers contain few MBs usage to up to 2GB or 2000 MBs internet data usage. All Mobilink internet offers including one day range from 0 to 35 PKR prepaid price only.

Internet packages jazz daily

Offer GB/MBCall MinSMSExpiryRate
Jazz Free FB OfferLimitless001D0 PKR
Free WhatsApp Package65001D0 PKR
Gujranwala Super Data Package5GB001D7.3 PKR
Daily Whatsapp & SMS10MB018001D9.6 PKR
Apna Sheher Offer (some cities)100MBLimitless15001D12 PKR
Sindh Offer (Sindh Only)250MBLimitless15001D12 PKR
One Day KPK Offer250MBLimitless15001D13 PKR
Daily Karachi Hybrid (KHI only) 250MBLimitless15001D13 PKR
Daily Extreme2000MB001D18 PKR
Jazz Day Offer20MB3003001D20 PKR
Daily Free Music50MB001D20 PKR
Internet Surfing Offer50MB001D20 PKR
Daily Super Offer200MB1440501D23 PKR
YT and Social Offer1500MB001D27 PKR
Super Plus Offer500MB5055001D35 PKR
Jazz One Day Mega Offer1000MB001D35 PKR
all jazz daily offers

Above are all the jazz internet bundles with only one day expiry you can subscribe for the price range of 0-35 PKR only. All these jazz internet offers are affordable, easy to subscribe and really good for you if you are not a regular mobile internet user. To see the subscription codes for daily jazz bundles, see your favorite offer by just clicking on it.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz weekly internet packages range from small to large sized bundle offer from 25 MBs to 30 GB with lots of other benefits. Jazz if offering so many other things with weekly internet offers like free on-net and off-net calling minutes, and SMS which you can avail within the validity time which is 7 days.

Another good thing about weekly jazz internet bundles is that all jazz packages are not designed for auto-subscription after expiry. This built-in jazz feature of non-activation of expiry save your money, because most of the time you forget after package activation and don’t unsubscribe from the offer by yourself.

Jazz weekly internet offers

Jazz internet packagesGB/MBCall MinSMSExpiryRate
Jazz New Sim Bundle Offer1GB10010001W0 PKR
Jazz 4G Sim Offer5GB5005001W0 PKR
Jazz Weekly Internet & SMS 25MB15001W30 PKR
Jazz Weekly SMS & WhatsApp25MB15001W30 PKR
Jazz Super Sim Offer6GB6306001W60 PKR
Jazz Weekly Free Music Bundle350MB1W90 PKR
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer2GB200020001W100 PKR
Jazz Weekly Punjab Offer10GB6050001W119 PKR
Jazz All Rounder Weekly (Selected Regions)1GB105010001W120 PKR
Jazz Extreme Weekly Bundle50GB1W130 PKR
Work From Home Offer12GBLimitless1W135 PKR
Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer1GB106010001W150 PKR
Jazz Social and YouTube weekly5GB1W160 PKR
Jazz All Network Weekly Offer3GB109010001W260 PKR
Jazz Social Weekly Plus8GB5255001W215 PKR
Jazz Premium Weekly 3G, 4G Offer4GB501W230 PKR
Jazz Mega Weekly10GB510050001W304 PKR
Jazz Super Duper Weekly Offer10GB510050001W304 PKR
Jazz Weekly Super Plus10GB510050001W304 PKR
Jazz Mega Plus Weekly Offer30GB615060001W369 PKR
Jazz Super Max Weekly30GB615060001W369 PKR

jazz weekly packages codes have their own specialized numbers and characters like *123*5# etc. You will not be able to subscribe all jazz offers using same code string. To check the special code for every offer, click on the weekly offer name.

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly

Jazz monthly internet offers are set to expire after reaching 30 days time period in which you can use all the given benefits in the offer. All jazz monthly bundles range from 0 RS to upto 2609 RS price in which some jazz internet device packages are also included. If we talk about the MBs or GBs range given of all jazz monthly offers, these are set from 0 MBs to 150 GBs.

All monthly jazz internet packages do not consist only internet GBs, jazz is offering some other amazing benefits to its users in which SMS and free local off-net and on-net calling is also included. There are some jazz offers, which are designed for only some selected Pakistani regions which cannot be avail from other regions than the mentioned ones. All those selected region jazz offers will be understood by just reading the package name.

Jazz monthly internet package

Offer GB/MBCall MinSMSExpiryRate
Jazz Loyalty MBB Monthly50GB1M0 PKR
Jazz Plus Bundle Offer3GB1M0 PKR
Jazz Monthly Karachi Offer5GB1M50 PKR
Jazz Infinity Browser Monthly2GB1M150 PKR
Jazz SMS Monthly Bundle7GB120001M174 PKR
WhatsApp Monthly Bundle7GB120001M174 PKR
Jazz Social Monthly7GB120001M174 PKR
Jazz Monthly Bachat Offer4GB34020001M174 PKR
Jazz Social Monthly Plus10GB3503001M 215 PKR
Monthly Extreme Internet Data10GB1M220 PKR
Free Music Monthly Offer1.5GB1M330 PKR
Monthly Internet Browser Offer6GB1M330 PKR
Jazz Karachi Monthly Bundle10GB515050001M454 PKR
Jazz Mega Plus Monthly 12GB1M520 PKR
Jazz Supreme Monthly24GB1M699 PKR
Jazz Hybrid Monthly Offer12GB33001M780 PKR
Jazz Premium Monthly Offer25GB4001M780 PKR
Jazz Super Duper Monthly12GB330030001M780 PKR
Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card2GB215020001M868 PKR
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus 30GB10500100001M1040 PKR
Jazz Max Monthly30GB10500100001M1040 PKR
Jazz 4G Super Welcome Back Offer50GB1M1200 PKR
Jazz Device Monthly Offer (device only)30GB1M1500 PKR
Monthly Regular Internet Device Offer60GB1M1740 PKR
Jazz Monthly Heavy Internet Device180GB1M2609 PKR

Like other jazz bundles, monthly jazz internet bundles have their own specific strings or subscription codes which you can know by just clicking on the offer you want you subscribe on your jazz sim.


All Jazz internet packages code have their own special string and different procedures of subscribing which you can see by clicking on the package. Another important thing is that, all these offers are prepaid for which you have to pay the bundle price in advance, which will be auto-deducted from you jazz mobile account. If the amount for the offer doesn’t exist in your account, the offer will not be subscribed and your remaining amount will be safe.

Why jazz offers

  • All jazz internet packages are designed and built for Pakistani people with very limited budgets that anybody can subscribe and enjoy. Compared to Mobilink Jazz some other companies don’t offer such amazing range of benefits within a single bundle. Jazz offers are also not made to auto-subscribe after expiry or reaching validity time period, this specialized jazz feature also built to save money of jazz users in their mobile accounts which is not normally available in other telecom companies.
  • Jazz is actively looking for the actual need to fulfil of its valued customers. In case you are not having any charge in you mobile account, still there are number of offer which you can activate and enjoy or fulfil your need accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Jazz is consistently fulfilling its promise by giving quality and all the promised benefits in jazz internet packages. This can be the reason jazz is constantly ruling telecom  industry in Pakistan because they always provide what they guarantee to their users.   

It is also an obvious thing that all Mobilink internet offers including other offers are very easy to activate and deactivate from your phone. All offers need 3-5 taps only on your phone to subscribe, also each package’s current status can be easily checked by just a matter of few taps.


How can I subscribe to jazz 24 gb?

To subscribe jazz 24GB supreme offer, dial *117*32*2# or click the link above fore more information.

Ho to unsubscribe Jazz internet package?

All jazz internet internet packages have different unsubscription methods, to unsubscribe any Jazz internet offer, click on the offer you will find there its activation and deactivation code.

What are the most cheapest Jazz internet offers?

There are various cheapest Jazz internet packages that cost zero like, free Facebook offer, free WhatsApp package, Jazz new sim offer, 4G sim offer, loyalty MBB monthly, and Jazz plus bundle offer. Keep in mind temrs and condisitons are applied to each of these offer which are of different factors.

How to check Jazz internet package validity?

Each Jazz internet packages have different validity check through different code string, to check your offer’s validity or expiry, click on your subscribed offer, you will find there.

Which Jazz internet package is best?

The best Jazz internet packages is totally depends on your budget and requirements, the one that suits your requirements is the best package for you, check each offer’s benefits by clicking the link.

Which is the most popular jazz data offer?

Jazz Super Max is considered to be the most popular and widely used internet data package in Pakistan because of its budgeted prices and 7 days validity time which is very much suitable to most of the people.