Jazz Advance Offer

Advance Amount
PKR Price (without tax)

Offer Description

In Jazz super advance offer users can avail of 15 PKR of advance amount as a loan from Jazz by dialing *112#. All jazz customers are allowed to avail of this advance amount twice only. After you utilize this balance, no other amount will be given after availing two times of this advance. 

The subscription amount for this will be of 4.60 PKR exclusive of tax.

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Subscription Procedure

Subscribe by dialing *112#

Unsubscribe from this offer by dialing *112*4#

Terms of Usage

  • You can only get a 15 PKR load twice.
  • Jazz reserve the right to make any change or even cancel this offer legally.
  • A condition of 50 PRK balance must be fulfilled, you first need to recharge a balance of 50 PKR to avail this offer.
  • Once your balance will get below 15 PKR, you will be eligible to benefit from this offer by dialing the subscription code.
  • If you are anywhere in the capital territory, you will be charged 2.14% more for the subscription of this offer.
  • 12.5% as withholding tax will be charged on billing or recharge.
  • 5% recharge fee, 5% service fee on 19% recharge FED will be applicable in case you are in Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, or Punjab.


How many time I can avail Jazz advance offer?

You can avail Jazz offer a total of 2 times after your balance get finished, terms and conditions are applicable.

When can I benefit from Jazz advance offer?

You can avail anytime Jazz advance offer once your current balance become lower than 1 PKR.

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