Jazz Daily Browser Offer

MBs for internet surfing
Offer validity 
Calling minutes include
Pkr price including tax

Description for this offer

.Jazz daily browser offer also known as daily internet surfing offer includes 50 MBs for internet data usage for only 20 Pkr with only 1 day validity or expiry.

Jazz users can activate this offer and enjoy non-stop internet browser surfings including google chrome, firefox, opera, and Bing etc.

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Subscription procedure

To subscribe daily browser internet package on your jazz sim, dial *117*11#.

The offer will deactivate itself on reaching validity or expiry time.

You can see current status for this offer dial the same subscription code as *117*11#.

Terms of services

  • Jazz has the legal rights to suspend or make any change or even cancel this offer at any time.
  • The offer’s actual price includes taxes.
  • Your smartphone’s 2G, 3G, or 4G technology will be responsible for the actual internet speed you enjoy during internet surfing.
  • The package after expiry will auto-deactivate, if you keep using internet after expiry, a rate of 1 Rs will be charged per 1MB usage.
  • If you are anywhere in the capital territory of Pakistan or Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan and Azad Kashmir, a higher rate of 2.14% will be charged automatically from your mobile account.
  • PATA and FATA people will be liable to pay 16.67% more, it will also be automatically charged from your account if you are residing in such areas.
  • A 5.98% charge will be deducted as service charges.
  • Base rate of 3.59 Pkr per MB will be charged in case you are not subscribing to any jazz bundle in history, 512 KB pulse charge will be applied.

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