Jazz calling packages come with different activation charges with multiple benefits offered by Jazz. The minimum Jazz package price is 0 PKR and maximum could be up-t0 1040 PKR. All jazz calling offers has been listed below with their rates and advantages offered like Calling minutes, MB/GB, and various other things. 

All Jazz packages for calls are designed prepaid fo which you have to subscribe the package paying the prepaid price for that package for which you have to pre-load your Jazz mobile account, otherwise, the package you want to subscribe will not be activated.

dunya ko bata do
dunya ko bata do

Jazz daily calling packages

Offer NameGB/MBMinSMSExpiry Price
Super FnF PackageLimitlessLimitless1D9.56 PKR
Apna Sheher Offer100Limitless15001D12 PKR
Punjab Package (selected regions)250Limitless10001D12 PKR
Jazz Sindh Offer250Limitless15001D12 PKR
KPK daily Offer250Limitless15001D13 PKR
Karachi One Day Hybrid250Limitless15001D13 PKR
Jazz Day Offer203003001D20 PKR
Daily Super Offer2001440501D23 PKR
Daily Super Plus5005005001D35 PKR

Some of the daily jazz calling offers are designed to expire after 24 hours and some are designed for 12 hours expiry. You can only enjoy the advantages offered within the validity, otherwise, reaching the expiry time will expire all the benefits offered and you will not be capable of any further package usage.

Jazz calling packages weekly 

Offer NameGB/MBMinSMSExpiryPrice
New Sim Offer1000100010001W0 PKR
4G Sim Offer50005005001W0 PKR
Super Sim Offer60006006001W60 PKR
Weekly Voice Offer100020001W100 PKR
Sargodha Weekly Offer2000200010001W100 PKR
Weekly Alrounder Offer (Selected Region)100010001W120 PKR
Work From Home Offer12000Limitless10001W135 PKR
Weekly Hybrid Offer1000100010001W150 PKR
Weekly All Network Offer300010005001W210 PKR
Weekly Social Plus800050050001W215 PKR
Weekly Super Duper10000500050001W304 PKR
Weekly Super Plus10000500050001W304 PKR
Weekly Super Max30000600060001W369 PKR

All weekly calling offers by Jazz are mentioned above from which you can chose according to your budget. Be notify that all jazz weekly calling packages are not merely offering calling minutes, but there are several other things available in the bundle like free SMS and free internet data usage. 

You are advised to read all the things related to the specific calling offer that matches your interest or budget. Also do not overage the offer, otherwise you will be charged some extra money for the usage, try to completely use the bundle withing the mentioned expiry time.

Jazz monthly call packages

Offer NameGB/MBMinSMSExpiryPrice
Jazz Monthly Budget Offer400030020001M174 PKR
Monthly Social Plus100003003001M215 PKR
Karachi Monthly Offer10000500050001M454 PKR
Monthly Hybrid Offer12000300030001M780 PKR
Monthly Premium Offer250004001M780 PKR
Monthly Super Duper12000300030001M780 PKR
Jazz Card Super Duper2000200020001M868 PKR
Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer3000010000100001M1040 PKR
Monthly max Offer3000010000100001M1040 PKR

Monthly jazz call packages are designed similar to other mobilink packages in termes of extra advatges Jazz is offering within only a single package. The starting price for a monthly calling offer is 174 as mentioned and the end price is 1040 PKR. Chose the monhtly bundle wisely ecause yet there is no any refund service has been offered by Jazz officials.

Other calling packages

Offer NameGB/MBMinSMSExpiryPrice
Jazz UAE & KSA Offer0 PKR
UK Offer0 PKR
Sim Lagao Offer6000300030000.1 PKR
Super Advance Offer4.60 PKR
Give a Bundle Offer10001003D35 PKR
Jazz 3 Day Max1000101010003D60 PKR
Voice Infinity Bundle2501156M63 PKR
Lajawab Weekly Offer25002525250075 PKR

Jazz calling packages are custom named by their owner Mobilink Jazz. All the offer titles are also reveals the benfit or the validity of that specific offer, suppose Lajawab Haftawar offer is revealing about the validity which is one week, and similarly Mahana or Monthly Max offer is revealing about 1-month validity and maximum calling minutes which are 10000 minutes.

All offers are linked to their detailed offer information pages which you can acces by just clicking on the offer of your interest. After opening your favorite calling offer, just read thoroughly all the advantages which you can avail in that offer with subscription method information. Following the subscription procedure using the package code, you will be subscibing to that jazz calling offer. Also note that there are some jazz offer which are designed for auto-deactivation after they get expire, for this you dont have to deactivate or unsubscribe that offer manually by yourself.

With subscription mechanism you will find offer status checking codes, these code strings will help you identify the remaining calling minutes in your subscribed offer. With this, there are some offers which you have to manullay unsubscribe, you will also find the code for this purpose there.

There are some other jazz offers which you can consider for test usage which are new. These offers also includes 3 days validity, if you think that 3 days offer is suitable to you, then just go for it.

All offers are not giving off-net calling minutes, you are advised to read package description to know that how many off-net and on-net or local or internation calling hours or minutes has been included in that offer.

Jazz as always providin high quality telecom services in Pakistan by providing all the benefits that are being promised in the package description. Another good thing about Jaz is, it is the larges telecom company being operated in the Pakistani territory from decades.

Jazz Package subscription

All jazz calling offers are designed differently by Mobilink, for which the subscription method will also be different. No jazz offer is similar to another jazz offer in terms of subscription procedure, you to dial the specific code for the offer you are subscribing to.

Also, there are some calling offers that will require you to unsubscribe manually, the procedure is mentioned on that specific calling package page. There

Why Jazz calling packages

  • Jazz is a promise fulfilling company working from a long time in Pakistan. Jazz whats promises about advantages, it delivers the same. There are dozens of telecom companies that are not delivering the exact same thing what they promise.
  • The Mobilink Jazz by this creating goodwill among the people of Pakistan, and this is the only reason why Jazz is becoming more and more popular in the local Pakistani telecom market. Jazz on a monthly or fortnights basis provides its users with free MBs, SMS, Calling minutes, and some other benefits.
  • Jazz is a professional and experienced Telecom giant in the industry, due to which it is always launching new products for solving the burning desires of Pakistani people utilizing cutting-edge telecom technology. Jazz has launched is Jazz Cash service back in 2012 which is continuously being improved by Jazz by offering flexible and easy to use services for Pakistani people. Jazz cash is a quite simple to use cash app that offers dozens of new technology reliable features designed by highly qualified personnel working in Mobilink Jazz.
  • Jazz calling packages after a successful subscription will keep you auto-updates on the current usage status, this will help you keep an eye on the package and take further actions accordingly.
  • Another important and very useful thing about jazz is that its uptime is always greater than some other networks which is 99.9%. This uptime is way more than you can think.
  • Jazz back some years also merged with Warid which is also an authority company, when you are using Jazz you are using Warid as well. Both companies shares their database due to which their packages are same in terms of subscription and all advantages offered.


All Jazz calling bundles are mentioned here after a thorough research and all the offer are up-to-date with their new prices. All the package rates are being updated time to time when there is any kind of update available by Jazz Telecom. Jazz is a personally used telecom service which can be recommended as compared to other networks. We are not promoting any of the service, all the information collected is a result of thorough research and personal experience from which you can select and subscribe accordingly.

Jazz Internet Packages


How can I check jazz balance for calling packages?

You can check jazz balance before activating any calling package by just dialing *111# from your sim.

Which jazz call package is best?

All jazz calling packages are designed according to the needs of different users, you can choose any jazz offer that suits you best.