Best Jazz Packages for Pubg

Jazz from a long time serving Pakistani nation in terms of quality internet and calling services. Jazz after the internet boom in Pakistan consistently making different types of offers for all types of user with different types of budgets.

In Pakistan, Jazz internet offers are mostly in demand throughout the year, not only internet offers, but Jazz calling packages and Jazz message packages are also stay in demand whole year by local Pakistani people, because Mobilink Jazz offers a wide ranges of offers.

Jazz Daily Extreme

This daily offer will be enough for you if you are a time save and dont wast to waste your all day in playing Pubg. You can choose this offer in your exam days or in your busy work schedules.

This offer is giving non-stop 2GB internet usage without any additional calaling minute or a SMS slot. Must check the offer package before actually going to subscribe the offer.

Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer

This weekly Jazz offer will be best fo you in case you want top play Pubg for a week without any interruption in your internet connection. Also, this offer will be suitable for you  if you want to play Pubg on your smartphone and dont want to use any other internet app.

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer

This weekly package offer you 30GB internet usage with various other benefits included in the offer. With benefit of playing Pubg on your phone, you can also have a option to use calling minutes included in this offer and free SMS to all local networks in Pakistan.

Remember that, this offer includes some time limitations which you can check on the offer page. 

Jazz Monthly Internet Heavy Device 

This offer is my personal recommendation for Pubg players. This offer requires you a valid Jazz internet device, but subscribing to this offer will give you 180GB of internet usage. Using this offer, you can playPubg on your phone as well as on laptop. After having this offer, you will not have to worry about internet usage while playing Pubg. 

The best point about this offer is, you will experience fast loading of gaming graphics in your phone without any delay of your Pubg character actions. Inshort, this offer will give you extra fast streaming of game.

Important: Most Pubg players in Pakistan who want to play this game on smartphone prefer Jazz offer, because of the reason that Mobilink Jazz provides best services and fast streaming of games as well as for video streaming apps like Youtube. 


While subscribing to any from Mobilink Jazz offers, must read all the benefits offered in the package. Jazz internet service is one of the best services available in Pakistan. If you are a regular Pubg player, you will have multiple offers to subscribe for enjoying the game. Not only above options are used for playing Pubg, you can also choose any other jazz offer that matches your requirements. By checking each offer page you will know all the benefits included in the offer, these are only the best offers which we have experienced over time, by searching on your own, you may find best than these offers.

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